Just a Couple

This weekend I hadn't planned much in the way of photography. The only thing I did was scout out a new location on Saturday evening - a location which I plan to visit for sunrise in the not so distant future and look forward to revealing. I'm not a huge fan of photographing at sunrise simply because it involves getting up much earlier than I'd like, but sometimes it's the only option to get the best possible shot. It's worth mentioning, however, that when the conditions are just right a sunrise can sometimes be the most rewarding. 

When I arrived it was actually very close to sunset, and it just so happened that if I looked in the opposite direction of the shot that I was there to explore there was a glorious sunset going on. Needless to say, I quickly ran around looking for some foreground interest and captured what I could before the moment gone. The great thing about sunsets though is that even if you were to miss the sun dipping below the horizon, the warm rays continue to shine into the sky for a little longer.

It truly is one of the best times to take photographs.