A Beacon of Hope

Monday was a day for wishful thinking. After getting home from work I couldn't help but notice that the weather was outstanding, which made me hopeful that I could get another spectacular sunset - similar to the one I captured in my last post.

With it being Northern Ireland, however, I thought it would be best to check the weather forecast for that evening just to be sure. Surprisingly, despite the cloud cover currently being ~30% around 7pm it was predicted to sky rocket to ~70% at 8pm for the rest of the evening. After reading this I was of course apprehensive about heading out, but with Monday night to be the only good night of the week I threw caution to the wind and went out. Spoiler alert: there wasn't a cloud in sight come sunset... 

My travels took me to St John's Point Lighthouse, outside Killough. After taking so much time to decide whether or not to head out I ended up arriving fairly late on and had little time to find my favourite composition. Nevertheless, I scurried around and found a few that I was happy with. This was a fantastic location to visit and I definitely see myself going back again to capture the perfect sunset (or sunrise). Hopefully with a bit more cloud next time (I know, I know, I'm never happy).