Mussenden Temple. It's a small circular building found on the cliffs near Castlerock which was built as a library and memorial for a bishop's cousin (Frideswide Mussenden). Nowadays it serves as an icon of the north coast and can actually be used for wedding ceremonies. 

With the weather continuing to be good during my time at the north Antrim coast I thought I'd head up to the Mussenden Temple for sunrise as the forecast was to be clear. Unfortunately, BBC weather must have a very different definition of clear skies from me but it was still a worthwhile journey and one I'll probably make again.

For the second time in a row I also let my parents come with me on a photo walk. With both of them never visiting Mussenden Temple before we decided to venture there in the afternoon when the weather was much more appealing. Fun fact: when we arrived the temple was being set up for a wedding. Unfortunately we never got to peak inside but I'm sure it was fabulous.