The Land of Endless Twilight

This week marked my first visit to the beautiful Antrim coast, camera in-tow; and despite the weather being rather changeable I did manage to get several photographs that I am pleased with.

To kick things off I ventured to Dunluce castle in the evening for a few shots of what would hopefully be a spectacular golden hour. Little did I know, however, that I would bump into my former geography teacher and established landscape photographer Alistair Hamill at the very same spot. It was a pleasure to catch up and share what's new in our lives - and of course, talk about photography at great length. If you haven't seen his work I would encourage you to look him up. He's not a bad geography teacher either..

Following this I then made my way to the Giant's Causeway in hope of capturing a beautiful twilight sky (courtesy of Alistair and his suggestion, who was also making his way there after visiting Dunluce). As I'm sure you can imagine from the pictures to follow, it was an absolute joy staring into the endless twilight from the basalt columns at this nation wonder, and something I imagine I will be doing many more times to come.

After such a successful visit to Dunluce and the Causeway I decided to make a return trip to both, and also stopped off at the Dunseverick waterfall. All in all it was a successful trip, and I can't wait for my next visit.