Ships, Lights and a Rock Star

This weekend saw the return of the Tall Ships Races, with Belfast having the pleasure of hosting it for the third time since their first visit in 1991. It's a spectacular event with plenty of food, music, fireworks, hot air balloons and everything in-between on display. 

While most people probably enjoyed an afternoon out walking around the vessels docked at the Titanic Quarter, I found the night much more fascinating. When the sun went down the Titanic Quarter came alive with colourful lights illuminating many of the ships that were docked there - needless to say, I took several pictures. 

When I wasn't eating, exploring and enjoying the live music at the Cool FM stage I did manage to take a few photos during the day. Fun fact: my rock star of a dad played with ab and on the Cool FM stage - he's kind of a big deal. Their Facebook page can be found here