A Man's Best Friend

Sunday - the name says it all. The afternoon and evening was filled with blue skies and warm rays throughout, which made my trip to Scrabo Tower and Carrickfergus all that much better.

Scrabo tower, as the name suggests is a tower and it is situated in Newtownards with enjoyable views over the northern end of the Ards Peninsula. If views weren't enough it's also a short walk from Killynether Wood, which provides a fantastic stroll through beech woodland along with an excellent viewpoint to top it off. 

Fun story: shortly after making it to the viewpint in Killynether Wood I was quickly accompanied by a breathlss older man who was out for a stroll with his best friend - a gorgeous dog called Robby. After catching his breathe we chatted about the woodland we were both spending our afternoon in and our love for dogs; but truthfully, I was only interested in stroking Robby.

After spending my afternoon in Newtownards I thought I'd add to my list of castles and take a visit to Carrickfergus. Carrickfergus Castle is an exceptionally well preserved Norman Castle situated on the northern shore of Belfast Lough. It's a fabulous structure, and a joy to walk around given its close proximity to the shore.