A City on Fire

This weekend was the 12th July, and the various celebrations that come with it. Although I don't overly indulge in this holiday, I was excited with the opportunity of photographing the bonfires across Belfast from the top of Cave Hill.

So with the promise of a very different looking city on the 11th night I thought I'd make the climb. Unsurprisingly, I was not alone - many people made their way up Cave Hill for this special view. Unfortunately, however, the summit was as windy and exposed as ever; which made photographing the night particularly difficult - even with a tripod. This meant I had to forgo my much preferred lower ISO settings and crank it up to achieve a much more manageable shutter speed. In short, I needed my camera to take the photo much more quickly to try and avoid any camera shake that the strong winds might introduce to my shot (normally I would just let the shutter stay open longer to capture more light, but this wasn't possible given the conditions). The downside of this was the picture would have much more noise, but I feel it managed quite well considering it was at ISO 12800.

That's enough camera talk. Enjoy the panorama, it's like a scene from a movie.