Seizing the Golden Hour

It was Friday evening, and after a fairly uneventful day at work I thought all that was left for me was a quiet evening with my new go-to TV show, Daredevil. Not long after arriving home, however, I quickly began to realise that there was the potential for much more. Earlier in the day I had looked at the weather forecast for the hours ahead and was under the impression that it was to be mostly cloudy, but clearly there is no better substitute for judging the skies yourself.

So with the weather quickly looking at lot more promising and my schedule wide open, I decided I had better hurry and find somewhere exciting to photograph. My travels brought me to County Louth to see the spectacular Castle Roche. Finding this ruin was far from easy; as it isn't sign posted nor is it on Google Maps. Thankfully, after failing to find it myself a helpful local in a nearby village provided me with excellent directions and I was on my way.

I have been waiting for a while now to photograph a remarkable landscape during the golden hour, and after arriving at Roche Castle it became clear that tonight was going to be my night. 

Although I had expected to enjoy this marvellous ruin on my own, I actually bumped into a local photograph who had came with the same intentions as me. His name was Desmond Daly and we enjoyed a length conversation about cameras, Roche Castle and other picturesque locations around Ireland. With any luck, our paths will cross again some time.