Mission 2015

I've set myself a mission for 2015, and that is to explore as much of Northern Ireland as possible. It started with a quick visit to WalkNi, which made me discover that there are many places that I've never visited - even close to home. So with little time left in my Saturday afternoon I quickly ran my eyes over the various walking destinations throughout Armagh and Antrim and noticed an interesting location just outside Banbridge in a village by the name of Loughbrickland.

For those unfamiliar with it, it's a fantastic spot for a walk with nature as you will find plenty o birds and squirrels moving through the woodland around you. If you have a dog I would also encourage you to go here, as judging by every person that I passed it seems to be the done thing.

Naturally, I brought my camera.

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to catch any birds or squirrels with my camera, so we'll leave that for another time.