A Walk Among the Tombstones

Saturday was a day for sun, and a day for adventure. So with that in mind I headed somewhere new this time ending up at the Giant's Ring and Minnowburn. 

The Giant's Ring is a henge monument consisting of a circular enclosure surrounded by a grass bank. In the middle of the ring you will find the remains of a tomb, all of which dates from the Neolithic period. It's a great open space reserved for one singular remnant of history; now serving as an excellent spot for letting your dog run lose - as evident by the many dog owners I saw on my walk. 

Following the path from Giant's Ring will bring you past fields and forests filled with grass, trees and wooden sculptures; eventually leading you to the Terrace Hill and trails along the River Lagan. It's a fantastic spot for walking, kayaking and cycling (especially if you fancy mountain biking as there's a trail for that too), and somewhere I'd encourage you to venture to. Be sure to leave plenty of time though so you can really take it all in. 

That's enough text, on to the photos.

With the weather continuing to be good long into the evening and little time left in my day I decided to shoot over to Oxford Island to catch the sunset. Although it isn't the most exciting spot for a sunset it was still a nice finish to an otherwise spectacular day.