A Taste of the Mournes

At last, I have ventured into the Mournes (camera in-toe). Once again after nothing but rain we were lucky enough to have a Sunday with blue skies and sunshine (for the most part). 

For some reason, come the afternoon I had an unyielding urge to head to the Mournes; so I gave in and headed for Doan to catch the sunset. I've actually never climbed Doan before so it was a rather ambitious adventure.

Unfortunately, after reaching the summit it became clear that I wasn't going to get the light I had hoped for, but lucky for me I was blessed with some company - a man and his dog (Leslie Hanthorn and Buddy). Leslie is an experienced landscape and portrait photographer, and Buddy is a gorgeous 8 year old Samoyed. For some reason I didn't take a photo of Buddy, but I did take the opportunity to scout the location and take a couple of shots. 

Despite not getting the sunset I had hoped for I'm still glad I made the climb, and will definitely be back again in the near future. As a crowd-pleaser I've included a photo of Buddy from Leslie's website. I'd encourage you check out his work as he's much more talented than me.