All Systems Are Go

I've been asked on many occasions if I sell prints, and for the longest while I never have. Today that changes.

Over the past month or more, some of you may have noticed something new - the addition of a Popular Prints and Purchase section to my website. Unfortunately, if you tried to checkout you would have been politely informed that the purchase section was not live yet. Well, I can finally confirm that all systems are go!

By heading over to the Popular Prints section you will be able to purchase a selection of prints in a variety of size and finishes (note: all my photos are available for printing - if you can't find your favourite simply go to the Purchase section to have it added). 

I've absolutely no idea how popular this service will be, but I felt the functionality should be there in the event that someone would like a print to be made.  

So folks, if you would like a one, go ahead and buy one. I'm sure it would make a great Christmas gift ;) 

Note: at the moment I am only selling prints but I may try and offer framed prints in the near future. Feel free to let me know if this is something you would be interested in.