2015 - The Year of Something New

2015 has been an exceptionally different year than I expected, both good and bad. 

The good (and most important part) is that I did something new - I invested in myself and bought a camera; and in doing so opened the doors to easily the most creative and memorable years of my life. Over the course of ~9 months (the purchase was only made in April) I have posted 38 entries to my website, which means I've had ~38 amazing experiences in our little country. 

This could have be something small, such as finding a new walk or attraction that I never knew existed. Or it could be something totally amazing, like seeing the Aurora and Milky Way for the very first time. 

To mark the end of 2015 I thought I'd post a gallery with a few photos from each blog post - start to finish. My hope is that it will give a nice timeline of the year (and that my photography gradually got better - no promises though).

Here's to 2016. If it's even half as epic as 2015, I'll be pretty happy.