A Special Mum

It's been a while since I've been able to share a special occasion on my website, but fortunate enough last weekend was full of them.

On Friday night + Saturday afternoon we celebrated my eldest brother's 30th birthday, and on Saturday night we held a surprise party for my mum. Although it isn't officially my mother's birthday until the 28th December we thought we'd catch her off guard with an early surprise party before people get caught up in their Christmas festivities. 

After weeks of preparation and the plan set, we all gathered at Edenmore Golf Club and awaited her arrival. My mum thought she was going out for dinner with my dad, my second eldest brother, his recently announced fiancée, and the soon to be in-laws to celebrate their engagement - but little did she know that friends and family were waiting at the venue to surprise her. To say her reaction was priceless is an understatement, but I managed to grab a few photos throughout the evening to help tell the story. 

Many thanks to all those who attended, it was a fantastic night and came together beautifully.

Now sit back and enjoy a selection of the photos.

This amazing cake was made for the special occasion

The reaction as our mum arrived

My parents and their Godchildren

Mum and her friends sharing in laughter as we gave her a few presents to mark the special occasion

My parents after dad gave mum her birthday present

Mum and a few of her friends posing for a photograph

More laughter


The most gorgeous Godchild ever (sorry Jacob)

Jason (the eldest), Gavin (my twin), mum, dad, Ryan (the second eldest) and myself all posing for a group shot