It never ceases to amaze me how varied the weather can be in this little country. On Friday and Saturday we had snow, then come Sunday we were blessed with the brightest and driest day we've had in weeks. 

I've been craving a sunrise for a while now, and after a look at the weather forecast I knew Sunday morning would be my best chance, so I set my alarm and readied myself for a location I've been looking to hit for months.

A while ago I made a post about how I was scoping out somewhere that I'd hope to photograph when the light was just right. It has taken me two attempts to catch Flagstaff Hill at sunrise but this weekend I succeeded. This is a spectacular location and one I see myself visiting again - no doubt very soon. 

After a successful morning I thought I'd push my luck and try catching a sunset over the Mournes (as seen from Murlough Bay). Unfortunately, the reds didn't manage to poke their head over these massive hills, so I'll likely be stopping by here a few more times to get the photo I want. 

For now, however, lets remember the Sun-day we've just had.