The Somerset Shindig

Last weekend I had the privilege of watching one of my oldest friends tie the knot. This, of course, was none other than Adam Douglas — who was marrying the beautiful Sarah Grenfell! 

If you've ever spent time with Adam and his family you'll know that they will try their hand at anything. Whether it's baking, fixing electronics, or inventing something weird and wonderful in the garage; chances are they'll have done it! 

So when it came to Adam's wedding it was no surprise that the Douglas and Grenfells' would come together and do 99% of it themselves. From cakes and crafts, to photography and decorating — they did it all! 

This, coupled with the emotion of watching a primary school friend marry his soulmate, filled with the upmost joy and admiration for him and the two families. 

Thank you for letting us all share in your special day. It was an absolutely sensational wedding and one which I will never forget! 

Malin Head

Despite owning my camera for 3 years I have surprisingly never stepped foot into Donegal with it.

So a few weeks back, when I was craving somewhere new, I headed for the most northerly point in Ireland — Malin Head!

When I arrived it looked like we were in for something spectacular; but ~45mins before sunset the rain started to pour... Luckily, it cleared up and we got a few minutes of golden light just before the sun went down!

Untouched Ireland

Last weekend I discovered my new favourite place in N. Ireland — Murlough Bay.

This gorgeous location is nestled between Fair Head and Torr Head on the north Antrim coast, and is probably the most magical spots I have ever visited for sunrise. 

As I drove down the steep and narrow path I couldn't help but be amazed by how untouched this area truly is. Everywhere you look there is wildlife — whether it's lambs, sheep or rabbits, they're everywhere! I even managed to spot a deer. 

When you finally make it down to the bottom you're greeted with a gnarled windswept tree and the the burial site of Sir Roger Casement. This, along with several other sections of Murlough Bay, have been used as sets for Game of Thrones. Thankfully the GoT buzz hasn't tarnished this beautiful area! 

Before the Thaw

It's hard to believe that this time last week most of the country was snowed in (with most places closed for business)! 

Before the thaw I decided I wanted to get out for a few more shots. Unfortunately, the light wasn't nearly as good as it was on Thursday, with things looking grey and miserable for most of the weekend. 

I did, however, make a trip to Hillsborough Parish Church. Much to my disappointment the beautiful avenue of trees that once lived here has been trimmed back quite considerably... This made the scene much less photogenic but I worked with what I had and came home with a shot. 

The final image is from when I went hunting for a lonely tree.. Conditions weren't great but I've a feeling in the right light this could work well! 

2017 — The Year of Adventure

Every year we hope for bigger and better things; whether it's in school, our workplace, or personal life. For me, it typically centres around photography. 

At the end of each year I almost always say it was my best yet, but 2017 was definitely a notch above the rest. Over the past 12 months I climbed the highest mountain in Ireland, photographed two more auroras, traveled to the Faroe Islands with four great friends, and not least of all — captured some of my best images to-date. 

Shown below are just a few of my favourite shots. If you'd like to see more, be sure to view my various blogs and galleries. Here's hoping 2018 is just as epic! 

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