Lake Bohinj

On our second day in Slovenia we were greeted with terrible weather. For 32 hours it rained… But it wasn’t like rain we have back home.

Due to the altitude it felt like we were in amongst the clouds — it was breathtaking! And the rain was more of a light drizzle than torrential downpour.

So with the forecast looking poor we decided to visit the nearest shop in search of umbrellas and brave the storm; and we’re glad we did!

Lake Bohinj

Our destination was Lake Bohinj. Although this area is made popular for its view of the Church of St. John the Baptist, we ended up being more interested in the lake itself.

Why? Because over the hills a gorgeous layer of cloud kept passing over the landscape, creating the most gorgeous of mood.

Unfortunately, we were unable to take photos at sunrise or sunset this day but we were glad to get some shots in the afternoon.

Lake Bled

A couple of years ago myself and four friends headed to the Faroe Islands for some photography. This year we traveled to Slovenia in hope of some epic scenes — and boy did it deliver!

First on our list of locations was the gorgeous Lake Bled; which thanks to some excellent planning was mere minutes from our accommodation.

This gorgeous alpine lake is home to the only natural island in Slovenia, which houses a stunning church that is frequently used for weddings. To the left is Bled Castle overlooking the surrounding area.

Blue Hour

After arriving on Sunday evening we quickly rested our heads and set the alarm for 04:30. The forecast showed zero wind which meant the likelihood of reflections was extremely high.

Once we arrived at the lake and saw the mirror-like reflections, we knew we were in for something special. What we didn’t expect, however, was the sky to erupt in colour.

Golden Hour

Standing here, with only the sound of birds singing and the odd ripple of fish, we couldn't have asked for better conditions.

Side Light

After photographing the fiery sky we explored the southern edge of the lake to view the church and castle from a different perspective. Despite the sun being well up in the sky, the light was still beautifully soft.

The Hidden Gems

In my last feature I talked about five of my favourite photography locations in N. Ireland — which inevitably focused on the iconic spots our country has to offer.

In this piece, I am going to touch on some areas that hide from the spotlight but are just epic.

Murlough Bay, Antrim

If you asked someone to name their favourite location at the north Antrim coast, chances are they will say the Giant’s Causeway, White Rocks, Dunluce Castle or some other hot spot. Very few will mention Murlough Bay — or even know it exists!

Here’s a secret though… Murlough Bay is one of the most magical places to visit at sunrise. Why? Because it was one of few untouched areas on this beautiful coastline.

When taking the below image, I have vivid memories of arriving at this beautiful bay just as the sun was starting to light up the sky. There wasn’t another soul for miles. It was just me, wildlife (deer, lambs & rabbits), and epic scenes.

Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area!

The Western Mournes

When people visit the Mourne Mountains, more often than not they will hike Donard, Binnian or some other peak in the high Mournes.

But, what if you only want a small 45 minute hike? Then visit the Western Mournes. Here you will find Hen Mountain, Rocky Mountain, Pierce’s Castle and much, much more.

But don’t let these small summits fool you! Because when you reach the top, the views are just as stunning!

Photographed below is Rocky Mountain on a freezing December evening.

750_2637-Edit 2 tidied-Edit 3.jpg

Causeway Cliffs

Did you know the Giant’s Causeway has a cliff path? Did you also know it has some of the best headland in all of N. Ireland? Well, you should.

The cliff path starts at the car park and takes you all the way to Dunseverick. And along the way you are treated to awesome views of The Grand Causeway, The Amphitheatre, Lacada Point and many more awesome viewpoints.

If you are visiting this natural wonder I would strongly recommend you give the cliffs a visit. They will not disappoint!

750_6447-Edit 2.JPG

Slieve League

A location that needs no introduction. At 601 meters these beautiful cliffs are three times higher than the Cliffs of Moher — and are absolutely spectacular!

However my journey here had the beginnings of a horror story. After putting my faith in Google Maps I ended up at the Pilgram Path; which if you don't know is the hiking trail!

With so many cars around I figured the path must fork at some point — it didn't... So I ended up hiking to the top, took a quick look at the breathtaking view, and ran back down.

On my sprint down I bumped into a lovely couple from Cork who suggested that the view I was looking for might be at Bunglass Point. So I got in my car and drove straight there!

Lucky for me they were spot on and I arrived just in time for sunset! It's a good thing I left myself plenty of room for error.

Oh and I also got chatting to a lovely American girl — Chiara, who was holidaying in our beautiful emerald isle. From the sounds of it she has already seen more of the south than me!


Come autumn, landscape photographers will flock to two locations in Ireland — Tollymore Forest and Cloghleagh.

This year, however, I was determined not to set foot in Tollymore!


Cloghleagh is home to gorgeous bridge spanning the Liffey River and enough autumnal colour to make any landscape photographer giddy with joy.

Unfortunately the northern side of the bridge is currently damaged and has orange barriers up as a temporary fix. Because of this I focused on the southern side.

Much to my surprise as soon as I arrived I bumped into two other landscape photographers that I know from the north — the excellent Steven Hanna and Gilbert Lennox!

It just goes to show that you can go nowhere in Ireland without bumping into someone you know…

If you do plan on visiting Cloghleagh be careful not to leave anything valuable in your car. I was warned on two occasions by locals that it is notorious for car break-ins…


The Somerset Shindig

Last weekend I had the privilege of watching one of my oldest friends tie the knot. This, of course, was none other than Adam Douglas — who was marrying the beautiful Sarah Grenfell! 

If you've ever spent time with Adam and his family you'll know that they will try their hand at anything. Whether it's baking, fixing electronics, or inventing something weird and wonderful in the garage; chances are they'll have done it! 

So when it came to Adam's wedding it was no surprise that the Douglas and Grenfells' would come together and do 99% of it themselves. From cakes and crafts, to photography and decorating — they did it all! 

This, coupled with the emotion of watching a primary school friend marry his soulmate, filled with the upmost joy and admiration for him and the two families. 

Thank you for letting us all share in your special day. It was an absolutely sensational wedding and one which I will never forget! 

Malin Head

Despite owning my camera for 3 years I have surprisingly never stepped foot into Donegal with it.

So a few weeks back, when I was craving somewhere new, I headed for the most northerly point in Ireland — Malin Head!

When I arrived it looked like we were in for something spectacular; but ~45mins before sunset the rain started to pour... Luckily, it cleared up and we got a few minutes of golden light just before the sun went down!